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The desire of Sandra’s House Mayan Ministry is to further develop the Ministry and allow God to do His work in the hearts of the Mayan people. It is necessary therefore to further understand and develop closer relationships with the Mayan people, equip, encourage and otherwise enable Mayan Christians in a mighty way. It is also our goal to share the Gospel of Christ Jesus, assist them in developing a vibrant Christian community in the Zona Maya region of Yucatan México and engage the global Christian community to participate in the Mayan Ministry.

Specific activities to equip Mayan Christians to become pastors, missionaries and lay leaders who will share the Good News of the Gospel of Christ Jesus and plant churches in the Mexican Yucatan region will focus upon providing caring Christian evangelical pastors and lay leaders. In cooperation with the local Mayan churches, candidates will be identified for training and Sandra's House Mayan Ministry will assist, train and educate candidates to become pastors. SHMM will identify and adapt curriculum for pastor training and outreach, provide bible teaching and pastor training using the following:

   • Video Bible Schools (Basic) and bible teaching and pastor training
   • Video Bible Schools (Advanced), discipleship and leadership training

Upon completion of the training, as appropriate, they will be commissioned and sent out as new pastors and lay leaders. Plans are for establishment of a mentoring program for new pastors and a continuous evaluation system.

An advanced program of Christian education is planned to be developed in the future which would include a theological school and a continuous education program. Advanced training and seminars and conferences would be available for the local Mayan pastors and lay leaders. A lending library would also be available.

Sandra's House Mayan Ministry will also assist plant and establish Christian churches in the Mayan region. The church “plants” would be coordinated with existing local Mayan churches to place the newly trained and commissioned Mayan pastors. This could also include the implanting of local Mayans as missionaries to further assist and develop local Mayans who have been trained as pastors. Sandra's House Mayan Ministry will further assist by providing evangelistic outreach and services, movies and worship times, along with child evangelism programs. SHMM also facilitates Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box distribution, and helps establish Christian education and leadership training for youth and adults.

In order to demonstrate Christian love, grace and compassion for all, Sandra's House Mayan Ministry will engage the global Christian community in ministering to the total human need in the Mayan communities of the Mexican Yucatan region through coordinated Christian outreach and services and evoke all the talents, treasures and gifts bestowed on us by the Father.

Activities of outreach and service will begin with the discovery of areas of need for outreach which can be met by local churches. The Ministry will assist in developing local contacts such as church, business, political/church leaders to assist in providing services or to provide their support to the Mission effort. Sandra's House Mayan Ministry will assist in providing or facilitating humanitarian aid and charitable services such as medical aid, services and outreach by providing:

   • Hygiene (teaching and supplies)
   • Physical illnesses (diagnoses, treatment and medication)
   • Hospital supplies (medicine, equipment, repair of equipment & facilities)
   • Optometric (reading glasses, supplies, equipment)
   • Dentistry (aid and service)
   • Conference and training center facilities

Accomplishment of the outreach and service will be with the assistance of the global Christian community through facilitating short term mission outreach trips and projects. Core groups of short term missions outreach teams will be established to advance the work with and equip the Mayan Christians making use of their various useful skills and competencies. Teams will be elicited for special “focus” outreach services from an inventory of opportunities such as:

   • Teaching and educating pastors and lay leaders
   • Women’s conferences
   • Marriage seminars and conferences
   • Youth outreach programs and training

To reduce and manage the expenses, Sandra's House Mayan Ministry will have facilities available for “on site” lodging and meals and provide local travel to the villages.

To be able to sustain and grow the Ministry, a financial support endeavor will be undertaken. Ministry financial support will be developed, nurtured and maintained from a core group of “support” churches, organizations and individuals. Donor care programs will be developed, newsletters prepared and distributed and website created. An effort will be made to communicate clearly the message and value of the Mayan Ministry of Sandra’s House.

If you have any questions or would like more information, email us or use our online request form.


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