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Sandra's House Mayan Ministry has two OPPORTUNITIES for individuals or organizations to “equip Mayans to share the Good News” of the Gospel – serve and support. SERVING the Ministry involves active participation as an individual or group in Felipe Carrillo Puerto or in North Carolina. And SUPPORTING the Ministry involves prayerful support and financial support.

Sandra's House Mayan Ministry welcomes everyone desiring to share the Gospel and serve the Lord ministering to the Mayan people. Small groups and short term missions and outreach teams with their associated projects are vital to the ministry and growth of outreach facilitated by Sandra's House Mayan Ministry. Christian church groups and other outreach organizations provide much needed and specialized outreach and service to the Mexican Yucatan Mayan villages and people. Approximately 130 to 150 people per year have participated on individual, group or team visits over the past few years and the number is anticipated to increase in the future.

A detailed list and description of outreach opportunities can be found on the

The calendar dates, detailed time schedules and the villages/towns to be visited and the conferences/seminars topics, locations and calendar schedules are available from Sandra's House Mayan Ministry.

Opportunities for individuals to become a part of the Ministry’s evangelistic outreach and service are available in both North Carolina and Felipe Carrillo Puerto. A number of Ministry opportunities are available for career or short term missionaries who have their own way of support. And there are some opportunities for local Mexican Christians who would enjoy serving the Lord as volunteers or are willing accept minimal support for their contribution to this Ministry. Two significant opportunities exist at this time and are described below.

Individual volunteers are needed in North Carolina to assist in the on going development of the Ministry. Assistance is needed in such areas as donor care, communications (newsletters, website, church visits, and mission’s conferences) and development/coordination/facilitation of short term mission outreach trips.

Missionary interns or short term missionaries who would be located in Felipe Carrillo Puerto have numerous opportunities to serve the Ministry and Mayan people. Primarily they would 1 - assist (work with) the Director – Hospitality and Visitor Facilitation to coordinate the short term missions team logistics, lodging and meals (procuring food, supplies, etc) and lodging needs and 2 - assist (work with) the Director - Christian Outreach and Service in discovering areas of need for outreach, assist in scheduling local outreach and service project, and assist in coordinating projects for short term teams including SP-OCC Shoe Boxes. In addition they would have the opportunity to assist, establish and maintain a library and provide assistance as needs develop.

The candidates for internship must be Christ-followers and members of a local church who will provide prayer and financial support. They should plan to be a part of the Sandra's House Mayan Ministry for at least a month. Each intern must be self-supported and will be expected to “donate” at least $500 per month to offset minimal lodging and meal expenses. All expenses incurred while on Ministry outreach projects will be assumed by the Ministry. They will become a part of the Ministry “family” living at Sandra’s House.

Prayerful support for the Sandra's House Mayan Ministry is essential. This is especially true for the advancement of the Video Bible Schools and participation of the local Mayan community in the Evangelistic and Humanitarian outreach and training conferences.

Pray for the advancement of the Video Bible Schools and Pastor Miguel of the Sandra’s House Staff as he administers and facilitates the Schools. Pray for the eager participation of local Mayan churches and the identification of pastors and lay leaders to set aside time to participate.

Pray for all the Mayan participants attending the conferences and training sessions this summer and the missions teams and volunteers facilitating them.

Prayer for the directors, officers and staff of the Ministry for wisdom and insight to oversee and direct the Ministry in the direction the Lord desires, compassion and love for those we serve and the strength to serve and meet the needs of all the participants of the short term missions teams visiting Sandra’s House.

And always be in prayer for traveling safety for the Ministry Staff as they drive throughout the Zona Maya and the Yucatan Region. The roads are “terrible” at best and the drivers “erratic and unpredictable”.

Additional prayer needs and praises will be posted as they develop.


Provision of financial support for the Sandra's House Mayan Ministry is most welcome. The financial needs of the Ministry can be overwhelming but the Lord provides what is needed when needed. And we pray the Lord will touch your heart to assist the Ministry “equip Mayans to share the Good News”.

General financial assistance is always needed to maintain the overall ministry and property available to Sandra’s House. The major items include general office and ministry supplies, utilities and local travel in Yucatan.

However specific needs include funding for VBS (Video Bible Schools) which generally cost $500 each to train 12 to 15 pastors and lay leaders in the villages and supporting evangelistic and humanitarian outreach and training conferences at the Sandra’s House facility.

Each three day conference costs approximately $30 per person attending which includes conference materials and scholarships for transportation, meals and lodging for the participants. About 25 to 50 people attend each conference depending upon type of conference being held. Sandra's House Mayan Ministry sponsors conferences for Pastors, Lay Leaders, Youth, Young Adults, Women, and Family Life. This year eight conferences will be facilitated.

Sandra’s House Mayan Ministry, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt charitable organization under the Federal Tax Code 501 (c) 3. All gifts to Sandra’s House Mayan Ministry Inc are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Sandra’s House Mayan Ministry Inc has complete control over the use of all donated funds. All gifts designated for a specific outreach/missions project are to be applied to that project or team. Occasionally more contributions are received for a given project than can be applied. When that happens these funds are used to meet other ministry and outreach opportunities that the Lord has directed Sandra's House Mayan Ministry to pursue.

If you desire to support the Sandra's House Mayan Ministry and the activities described above please send your tax deductible donation to: Sandra's House Mayan Ministry, Inc., P.O. Box 1668, Monroe, NC 28111.

Federal Tax ID# 61-1524853

If you have any questions or would like more information, email us or use our online request form.


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