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July 2008

From Sandra’s House in Mexico where anything is possible. The container for the Women’s Clinic that was due to arrive in the spring of 2007 is still in Vera Cruz where it was shipped by mistake. Not by Samaritan’s Purse but the shipping company. I have spent some time with the new President of the Zona Maya trying to get papers so that it can be rerouted to Carrillo. At the last meeting with the President he told me that he had all the papers now and that it should be shipped in the near future. It is a crime that it has be left in Vera Cruz and not delivered to the people here. But as we say “This is Mexico ”!


Jonathon and Jamie and I have been busy making repairs to the Sandra’s House. It takes constant attention to the place to keep it in repair. The weather here is hard on things. The problem is high humidity. There was quite a lot of repair needed to be made to the palapa roofs. I hired that done as I did not want to be crawling around on those roofs.


We got back to the vision of the ministry this month by visiting Campeche City . Miguel made arrangements to meet with some pastors there. Eleven showed up for Miguel’s presentation. Which is quite good I might say. I even gave them a little pep talk (translated by Jamie). We signed up three new Video Bible Schools with a total of 42 new students. We also gave out some of the Concordances. That night we went to one of the churches and Miguel preached the sermon. He did an excellent job. I guess he should as he has one of the VBS DVD’s going about all the time as he works.  We also visited the ruins at Uxmal on the way back. I had never been there.


I sent our representative an email complaining about not being able to have dual citizenships. She checked and notified me that I could legally apply for and have Mexican citizenship. I intend to do just that as soon as I can. I am getting some help from our new President here in the Zona Maya. He is going to write a recommendation for me.


I think at this pint that Jonathon and Jamie are going to be a Godsend for the ministry.  We are getting a lot done with them here. Our immediate plans include a visit to Tizimin to make a presentation to some of the pastors there next week.





In the name of Jesus
Bennie Fisher
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