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A team of 21 medical missionaries … doctors, nurses and other medical persons ministered to the people of the Zona Maya from November 25th to December 2nd. Clinics were held in six villages, some very remote, and 50 to 160 people were seen and treated in each of these locations. The team consisted of four Medical Doctors, two RN’s, two Rph’s, a Dental Hygienist, translators and other personnel. Over the counter drugs, Rx drugs, eyeglasses, toothbrushes and toothpaste, Bibles and other literature was distributed in clinics held in Community Centers, Schools, Churches and in the “open air” under trees.

A young man, in one of the remote villages, brought a guitar to the clinic to see if it might be repaired. It was beyond repair. On our last day we purchased a nice new guitar and it will be returned to the remote village by the pastor who visits that village for church services. He will be overjoyed.

The team developed a deep bond as we shared devotions, prayer, and praise and worship together each night. We were blessed as much as those we came to serve. As we left each morning our verse was Psalm 118:24. Este es el dia en que el Senor actuo. Regocijemenos y alegrareminos en el. This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Karen registering the patients

Waiting to see the doctors

An outdoor pharmacy

Meeting the doctor for the first time

Children leaning how to brush their teeth

Betsy reading to some children

Outdoor patient screening

Medical Team and villagers


Potter's Hand Bible Church from Apex, NC led a week of evangelistic programs and prayer walks with Sandra's House in November, 2007. The team traveled to four different villages in the Zona Maya to share the love of Jesus Christ to the villagers around them every night.

Each village was invited to participate in a program that the Potter's Hand team gave in the different village squares or right outside of church buildings. Team members sang Spanish songs with the children, shared a different testimony each evening and presented a beautiful drama of Christ's love and sacrifice for our sins. Each evening was concluded with a clear and blessed invitation for salvation through Jesus Christ, the son of God given by local pastor Miguel Luna. Many people prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior during the week.

"It was a life-changing experience. We saw God at work everywhere we went. What an honor it is to be a part of God's plan", said Diane Rumley.

One day was spent walking through Felipe Carrillo Puerto in prayer for the people of that community where Sandra's House is established. The team walked and prayed for several hours for God's love to strengthen and build the people, churches, pastors and entire community. In the last evening of the trip, the group shared their songs, drama and testimonies in a local church in Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Dr. Steven A. Rumley, pastor of Potter's Hand Bible Church, was asked by the local pastor to complete the service with a sermon alongside the group's interpreter, Daniel Rich.


Preparing for Evangelical
outreach program at Chunhuas

Amy with Mayan girls at Chunhuas

June and Mariah coloring with village children

Blowing bubbles with the children


Sandra's House hosted its first annual "Sister to Sister" women's conference in the Zona Maya. The two-day event took place at Sandra's House facilities in Felipe Carrillo Puerto on Friday, September 28, 2007 and in Jose Maria Morelos on Saturday, September 29, 2007. Christian women from the United States representing three different cities teamed together with local Christian Mexican and Mayan women to organize and facilitate a women's conference with the theme of "The Self-esteem of the Christian Woman".

Each day, Mexican and Mayan women alongside American women would led 3-4 sessions of praise and worship in song, reading of the Bible and prayer. Two teaching sessions were held each day. In addition a drama was organized and performed by local women each day depicting the importance of building firm foundations in Christ in our lives. The Conference closed each day with small group discussions where local women could share and minister to one another as well as with those women from the U.S.

Each conference attendee crafted a bracelet with different color beads to represent highlights from this conference and received a devotional book, written in English and Spanish. The devotionals extended the theme of finding a woman's self-esteem in their relationship with Jesus Christ and bringing Him esteem in their lives after the conference days.

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Women’s Conference

Beth sharing the Gospel
with Yolanda translating

Reading the Word

Attendees at Sandra’s House

Attendees at Morelos

Sister to Sister Team

The children of the women attending the Conference attended their own conference with a theme of "God is Love". Bible stories of Noah, Esther, the good Samaritan, and Jesus were presented. The children were led in games, crafts, snacks, songs, puppets, videos and memorization of Bible verses. Each child left with a printed t-shirt as well as candy, toys and crafts made throughout the day

Children’s Ministry and Team

Children’s Crafts


Sandra's House held its First Annual Marriage Conference on August 17, 18 and 19, 2007 in three different locations. Pastor Scott Andrews and his wife, Tana Andrews from Alliance Bible Fellowship of Boone, North Carolina came to teach on the theme of "The Biblical Basis for and of Marriage". Lily Andrews, also from ABF of Boone, traveled with Scott and Tana to translate during each conference for Scott as he spoke. The conferences were held in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Chun hu hub and Jose Maria Morelos. Each day's conference began at 8:30am and finished at 4:30pm.

For each attendee of the conferences, Scott wrote and had translated into Spanish a workbook, outlining everything from the daily schedule to each individual session's topic and content. Each day, there were five different sessions of teaching both to the marriage as a whole and then challenging the individual husband and wife separately as well. In between teaching sessions, there were several "question and answer" times and breaks for snacks. Lunch was organized and prepared each day by local churches that came together for the attendees as well as the conference team. Toward the end of each day, there was also a time for the men and women to break into groups separately and ask questions of Scott and Tana pertaining to gender-sensitive marital questions. Each day also began and ended with locals leading in worship, prayer and praise.

Alliance Bible Fellowship sponsored gifts for each couple that attended the conference. Every couple that attended received a copy of the book, Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs in Spanish print as well as two gift bags filled with a notepad, pens, candies and a bookmark.


At lunch time Tana & Chastity
get a lesson in tamale making.

Marriage Conference
Children's program.

Marriage Conference attendees
enjoying fellowship and lunch.

Marriage Conference attendees.

Pastor Miguel opens
the Marriage Conference with prayer.

Pastor Scott teaches
on Biblical Marriage.


Amanda Eads from Monroe, North Carolina served as a Ministry Intern at Sandra's House Mayan Ministry in Felipe Carillo Puerto for six weeks in July and August. It was a wonderful time of building relationships, Spanish/Mayan speaking skills as well as leadership qualities for her future mission adventures. She worked hard as a part of the team in Mexico organizing information, inventory and new ideas for future projects at Sandra's House. While experiencing the day-to-day life in Mexico with new food, friends, customs and languages, Amanda worked diligently to further the work at Sandra's House.

Amanda created business card design ideas as well as t-shirt designs for use in Mexico at Sandra's House. She created a "Spanish help list" for future U.S. groups to practice their Spanish before they arrive for their trips. She organized and established a recording system for our new lending library at Sandra's House. She also worked closely to serve with a U.S. youth team from North Carolina during their one-week evangelism mission trip. In her down time, she researched different opportunities available to Sandra's House. Her research and inquiries allowed us to receive over 300 Spanish Bibles with no charge for shipping or otherwise - completely free.

As the director of the children's program for Sandra's House's first marriage conference, Amanda planned, interpreted as well as led meetings with her team of three local girls that served with her to teach the children during the three-day conference. She created a schedule, snacks, lunch as well as gifts and lessons for the children each day while all the while, keeping our budget in mind. Then, she worked with her local team to learn songs and puppets by practicing together.

Children's Teaching Team for Marriage
Conference - Amanda Martha & Floriseli

Amanda working with a
village evangelism outreach team.

Amanda with a new friend.

Amanda sharing recipes
with Oscar and Maria.

From a summary of Amanda’s experiences …
“I came to Mexico with two things in mind; offering my help in anyway that it was needed and to find clarity about a call to missions. God provided the way for me to come and I brought with me a very open heart to all the things He had for me. God is such a big God and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past few weeks it is that God is all-knowing, and all-powerful. He brought me to a foreign country to teach me so many things that I never would have expected.

In the months before I left home I had been praying for a fresh desire for His word. In Mexico, God not only gave me a new desire but a much greater one than I had expected. I am now at a level where I can not properly function without His word in the morning and I can’t sleep without it at night. He’s given me a new and deeper passion for His word.

I’m not sure what has been the most important part of my stay in Mexico and I’m not sure that that is for me to know at this time. I do know that through my stay in Mexico I realized how big, how loving, how great, and how detail-oriented my God really is.” Amanda Eads


Quest Ministries from Monroe, NC led evangelistic events and a three-day youth leadership conference over a two week period in the Zona Maya in cooperation with Sandra's House Mayan Ministry.

The evangelistic team was comprised of a number of youth as well as adults from the Charlotte, NC. They provided evangelistic events such as songs, skits, and puppets to prepare the hearts of those in attendance for the message to follow. Chris Price from Charlotte, NC led the music and served as the interpreter each night. Gary Anderson from King of Kings Church in Huntersville, NC followed with messages each night relating to the redemptive power of Christ in our lives.

The leadership conference was held at the Sandra's House facility. Youth leaders from several villages and towns around the Zona Maya traveled into Carrillo Puerto to stay at Sandra's House. For three days, those in attendance spent time studying a wide variety topics related to youth ministry as well as Christian ministry in general. Pastor Dave Hagedorn from Winston-Salem, NC joined the rest of the Quest team that week to participate in the training, worship and prayer time.

Sandra's House wishes to thank all of those participating in the Quest Ministries trips including Gary Anderson, Mattie Anderson, Matthew Broome, Kandas Falls, Candice Funderburk, Phillip Garrow, Christian Furr, Chris Price, Gerald Broom and Dave Hagedorn.


Providing Bibles at Church
in Jose Maria Morelos

Leadership Training
Conference Attendees

Quest Team at Sandra's House

Prayer Walk in Local Village


A team of youth from Lee Park Baptist Church in Monroe, NC recently completed a week long project with Sandra's House Mayan Ministry. The project, which was coordinated through PT1615 Ministries in Monroe, traveled to five different villages in the Zona Maya to engage the local community with songs, skits, and a clear message of Salvation.

In a recent newsletter update, Thom Duarte from PT1615 Ministries said of the trip, "The trip with Lee Park Baptist Church to Sandra's House in the Zona Maya, Mexico was one of the best trips that I have ever taken. The team from Lee Park was great and was willing to try any type of ministry opportunity that was placed before them."

Upon arriving at the villages, the team would quickly setup sound equipment and musical instruments before joining in prayer and beginning the program. Chris Price from Charlotte lead the music as well as interpreted. The entire group participated in songs, skits and puppet performances and then Joey Dees from Lee Park or Thom Duarte from PT1615 Ministries would bring a clear message of salvation to all those in attendance.

Several of the youth were also given the opportunity to share their personal testimonies with those in attendance. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to explain to others, many their peers, why they were there and to talk about the work of Jesus Christ in their lives. It was exciting to see these young men and women inspired and inspiring others about faith in Christ.

Chris translates for Angela
at a children's VBS

Children's evangelical
outreach program

Making friends with Mayan children.

Local village evangelistic
 outreach program.


Rebecca Faulks from Boone, North Carolina served as the first Ministry Intern at Sandra’s House Mayan Ministry in Felipe Carillo Puerto for five weeks in June and July. It was a great opportunity for her to become immersed into the Mexican and Mayan cultures and to serve Christ as He calls to the daily duties at Sandra's House. Rebecca experienced life as part of a committed full time missionary family, hosted by the Lesesne Family and served as an incredible witness and teacher to the their children.

Rebecca participated with the Lesesnes and Pastor Miguel in visits to Mayan villages encouraging pastors in the Video Bible School training program and their families. She assisted in hosting luncheons at Sandra’s House with local F. Carrillo Puerto families and helped develop other Ministry relationships in the community. She attended the local Spanish-speaking church with the Lesesne Family and helped with some church “cleaning” chores. She also provide much needed assistance in hosting two short term outreach teams from the USA that came for crusades and conferences. And helped organize the “group” kitchen and planned for future group visits.

Rebecca Faulks with young friend Jade

Rebecca with friends, Judith and Martha

Rebecca with pastor's children

In Rebecca’s words …
"Mexico has been my teacher. Mexico has taught me about different cultures. It has taught me about missions. Mexico has taught me about myself and the virtue being content. And most importantly, Mexico has taught me about God.
Before I came to Mexico, God was not very big to me. I was not in his Word every day, and I did not notice him in every day work. However, in Mexico he became incredibly big and amazing. I saw him working in the lives of the Mexican/Mayan people and in the lives of those who were living around me. I made friends here that I will never forget. The simple act of a pastor's wife preparing a meal for us, spoke to me in ways I had never imagined. When we took a young boy to the hospital five hours away, I realized that God was leading me and directing my future. I saw numerous times the wonderful ways that God works. I know it is not just in Mexico, and I look forward to seeing him do great things wherever he takes me! So, if God is leading you to Sandra's House, be prepared for a wild ride! I would suggest seriously thinking about the job description and list of jobs above, because that is what you will be doing!" - Rebecca Faulks


Winter 2007

Sandra's House Mayan Ministry completed its third year of participation in the distribution of shoe boxes donated to Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. It took more than 60 trips to nearly 50 different villages and towns to distribute over 9500 OCC Shoe Boxes to the children of the Zona Maya. The boxes were distributed primarily through local churches throughout the Zona Maya of the State of Quintana Roo. The 2007 distribution was our most successful to date with more boxes and more people participating than ever before.

Several short term missions outreach teams from the United States assisted in distributing the shoe boxes this year. Groups included more than 80 adults and children from Joy Christian Fellowship (Monroe, NC), Alliance Bible Fellowship (Boone, NC), Monroe Christian Worship Center (Monroe, NC), Trinity United Methodist Church (Charlotte, NC), and Christian outreach organizations PT1615 Missions Ministries and Quest Ministries.

A typical team consisted of 8 to 22 adults, children and seniors, who would develop an individual ministry program to engage and entertain both children and adults. The programs typically consisted of music, dramas/skits and puppets. The SHMMin staff Pastor would close the service with the Gospel and an invitation to accept Jesus.

The Purpose of Sandra's House Mayan Ministry is to train and equip Mayan's to share the gospel of Jesus and Operation Christmas Child has significantly helped Sandra's House fulfill that Purpose. The distribution of the OCC Shoe Boxes is with the assistance of the local Mayan churches and a coordinated by the pastor or church leader. The local pastor then has the ability to teach and disciple those people who make decisions to accept Jesus and encourage them as they grow in their faith.

Special Comments by Participants …

Bruce from Monroe Christian Worship Center said of the project, "OCC is a tremendous program that positively impacts the lives of children in a tangible way. It has been an honor to help serve the Lord with the staff of Sandra's House. I hope to do it again."

Beth from Alliance Bible Fellowship in Boone experienced this trip as her first real mission trip. She said of the experience, "It has been such a blessing and privilege to be a part of Sandra's House this week! My first "mission trip" was more than I expected. Thank you, thank you for allowing us to be a part of the ministry of OCC and Sandra's House."

And from the medical team, LaRaye commented, "Wow! It has been such an honor to be a part of this team and to have the privilege to serve the Mayan people...Sandra's House Mayan Ministry is full of so much love. I am blessed to have had this opportunity to be a small part of the mission..."

January 2007

A team of 24 medical personnel brought together by Alliance Bible Fellowship of Boone, NC went to Felipe Carrillo Puerto from January 21st to 28th 2007 for a Medical Mission Week in the Zona Maya. Five villages were visited as suggested by the Medical Director of the Zona Maya. The villages were located 30 to 90 minutes from the mission station in Carrillo.

The team consisted of medical doctors, nurses, lab tech, pharmacist, translators and other medical disciplines. Seventy to one hundred thirty patients were seen daily. A patient with severe seizures was treated in the field and six months of medicine was returned to the village the next day for the patient. During the week, approximately five hundred patients were seen and provided with medical advice, prescription and OTC drugs, eye glasses, toothbrushes, literature and prayer. Many other needs were identified which will be met as solutions are developed. An electric wheel chair and other medical equipment for some of the patients are to arrive in the next few months.

On previous trips, the visiting doctors met with the local doctors for consultation and exchange of information. On occasion, surgery has been performed at the small hospital in Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

The medical clinics also coincided with the distribution of OCC Shoe Boxes. During the breaks many of the medical team assisted with the distribution to the Mayan children. It was incredible to see the hand of God move through the doctors as they saw patients, many of whom had never received medical care in their lives. In addition to meeting those physical needs, we saw emotional needs met with the distribution of shoe boxes and then spiritual needs fulfilled as hundreds came to trust Christ.

The days were hot and rainy. Some showers came but we were able to hold the clinics in some churches, school buildings, and community centers without interruption of care for a grateful Mayan people. It was a rich week of fellowship for the team and a blessing to the Mayan villages.

If you have any questions or would like more information, email us or use our online request form.


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