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The year 2008 started with nine short term mission teams distributing 10,000 Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. The boxes were distributed to over 60 churches in the southern part of the state of Quintana Roo , Mexico . We rented a warehouse in Bacalar, Q. Roo in which to store the boxes. Since we are located in the middle part of the state, we made some long trips each day. Lots of days we drove over 250 miles reaching remote villages along the Mexico - Belize border and along Chetumal Bay . The team members were delighted to be able to visit and encounter these remote villages. We in the USA sometimes do not appreciate what a third world country is like. To experience it will change your attitude about what is important in this world. Spreading Godís love should be our goal.

While we were distributing shoe boxes in the state capitol (Chetumal) we went to a church (Rivers of Living Water) that lost their roof in the hurricane of October 2007. Two groups "Just For You Ministries" from Oklahoma , New Philadelphia Moravian Church in Winston Salem North Carolina, and Jack and Ann Geis donated enough money to have the churchís roof replaced. It cost over three thousand dollars.

In the middle of March we had a small group of pastors from Oklahoma come down to get acquainted with the ministry. As a result of their visit First Baptist Church of Prague Oklahoma, pastured by Tim Emmons, sent us 100 Strongís Concordances in Spanish to distribute to the pastors on the Yucatan Peninsular. In May I drove from North Carolina to Carrillo Puerto and brought the Concordances and a 1998 Ford Windstar van for Miguel to drive. We gave his GMC Safari to Pastor Yimmy over in the village of Dziche. He assists the ministry in many ways in his region. He is the regional director for the Assemblies of God church. Part of the deal is for Yimmy to take the two little boys in Kontamo to physical therapy twice a week (SHMM will pay for the gas). These little brothers have what the doctors here think was a problem at birth. Some of you may remember that Samaritanís Purse donated two very expensive wheel chairs for the boys. The doctors in Merida think that they will be helped by this physical therapy.

We had an Evangelistic Outreach group from Delaware here in the middle of June. During their week here they held four outreaches in the evening and two Vacation Bible Schools here at Sandraís House for the children in the area. Many people made a first time commitment to Jesus and many renewed their Faith in God. The team had a great time and all want to return sometime. Most of the team members were of Porte Rican descent and were fluent in Spanish which made things much easier for all of us. They were such a great joy to have here. The group was led by Suzette Guzman who pastors a church along with her husband Eliseo who spent most of his time making needed repairs to the facilities here.

In June Miguel and I went to Peto for the graduation of a Video Bible School . Only 6 of the original dozen or so finished the course. One of the graduates was a man who is eighty eight (88) years old. We are never too old to learn. This is a picture of him receiving his diploma.

In July of 2008 Miguel, Jonathan and Jamie Clinesmith and I went to Campeche City to make a presentation about the Video Bible School (VBS) to a group of pastors. There were eleven pastors there for the presentation. We had three pastors sign up for the school at their church. That will be forty two more students enrolled in the VBSís.

The next week we went to Tizimin , Yucatan and made a presentation. We had one more VBS sign up. We had a good meeting with twelve pastors attending. I think that there will be more schools started in that area. It has been good to get back to our vision which is to train Mayan pastors.

Please check back - information will be online soon.

Please check back - information will be online soon.

Mayan Ministry takes part in Samaritan's Purse: Operation Christmas Child. Along with our bodies and spirits, we also take gifts donated to Samaritan's Purse to the children in the areas we go to. It brings joy to see the children's faces as they receive a gift from a giving family, knowing they have someone caring for them half a world away.

Please check back - information will be online soon.

Please check back - information will be online soon.

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